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Toby Gribbens Interviewed Vin Zeeland

October 17th, Toby Gribben interviewed Vin Zeeland on the Toby Gribben Show in the UK. The show will premiere at shoutradio.org.uk. On December 10th, 2021. The show will also be available on www.spreaker.com, www.blogtalkradio.com, www.shows.acast.com, www.iheartradio.com, and is available on the Life With Zippy Youtube Channel. Click the link below to hear the whole interview.

This interview discussed the Life With Zippy Series books, including the Zippy Loves Rocks and Zippy Loves Bugs Books. The first book Zippy Loves Rocks, focuses on the moral character of curiosity. When you think of curiosity in a child, it resembles care and concern. When we ask our children, "what do you want to do when you grow up?" We are asking an important psychological question regarding the future. If we pay close attention to their response, we can guide our children for many years of conversation.

As a dad, I guided my daughters to discover their career choices. My youngest daughter wanted to be a geologist at the age of five years old. Now she is going to be eighteen and graduating high school. She was accepted to a private college pursuing business; to be a corporate attorney. The dialogue doesn't end the first time we ask the question. The question is where we begin. It evolves. The question can help sort out the child's thoughts. When children think about the possibilities of the future, it can become something we can refer to often. It doesn't matter if they change their minds, and they will change their minds frequently. What it will do is help them separate the wheat from the chaff.

The second book Zippy Loves Bugs, is about Friendship. When we think about all the friends we have had or want to have in our lives, we typically seek people who will be honest, supportive, vulnerable, and authentic. When we socialize with our children, we want them to be good friends, and we want them to find good friends. Finding friends is a process that can be difficult. Sometimes our children do not pick the best people in school or the neighborhood. I know - because I have chosen some toxic people in my early years. I have also watched my children make poor choices. But this is the process. We discover what is essential when we fail.

I wrote the Life With Zippy Series to hone in on the character, virtues, morals, and good things in life. We want our children to grow up to become responsible adults, not just overgrown children.

My hope and prayer are to create fun stories with meaningful themes. To help parents to engage their children with early reader books. If you have questions about the Life With Zippy Series, please feel free to reach out through the contact page. Also, feel free to subscribe to the Life With Zippy Youtube Channel.


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