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Fall and Winter Fun

Growing up in Wisconsin, near Lake Michigan, the weather had always been a challenge. Summers are short and humid; as kids, we made the most of the time. Our summertime fun was riding big wheels, bicycles, roller skates, and skateboards. The family trips to the beach on Lake Michigan are memories I always cherish. When fall arrived, the trees changed, and it was the most beautiful time of year. Winter snow blizzards dumped vast piles of snow from the clouds. That's what we looked forward to. We always hoped for winter snow days off of school. As kids, it was exciting to shovel snow, which turned into snowball fights, snow forts, and ice skating. I remember when the temperatures were freezing, and my brother and I put our tongues on the outside window pane. Our tongues got stuck. Mom had to rescue us. Lesson learned. But when temperatures dipped below zero, that's when we boys entertained ourselves indoors—hot chocolate, mom's homemade cookies, reading, and wrestling my younger brother.

Another lesson I learned came from watching my mom; she sat for hours reading novels. She impacted me. I knew that the imagination of words strung together was powerful. So I read a lot. It started with Dr. Seuss's books, later the Hardy Boys books, then onto C.S. Lewis Narnia books, then Tolkien. As I grew older, I did not appreciate the winter's as I was a kid. My bones ache, shoveling became a chore. But a good snowball fight, snow tubing, and snowboarding, snow angels were my favorite things to do in winter outdoors raising my daughters. Our indoor winter activities were reading. Now, I read and write all year. It's what I love. For the pure joy of telling stories. So, where do you live, and what do you love to do in the seasons? Please send me a note. I enjoy reading others' stories as much as I enjoy writing and sharing mine.


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